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The OLO iPhone-powered Netbook

The OLO iPhone-powered Netbook
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October 14, 2008 The suspense surrounding Apple’s rumored Netbook announcement is quite extraordinary. The collective mood swing towards more convenient and usable wireless devices now seems overwhelming. People want more productivity on the move without the weight ,and the recent eeepc has only served to warm up the crowd for whatever Apple might be ready to announce later today. Just to add intrigue, a start-up named OLO Computer is getting set to launch what appears to be an iPhone-powered notebook/netbook which uses the iPhone as the CPU and the iPhone docks flat with the keyboard surface to offer its touch-screen as a trackpad.

As ITWire pointed out, the screen of the OLO appears to be running a desktop version of Mac OS X, which isn’t the interface the iPhone uses, so it’s not clear just how accurate a representation this image is of the OLO in operation. But until Apple takes the wraps off its latest later today, it’s a titillating thought to keep you going.

If you like this concept and Mac is not your religion, take a look at RedFly which is down to US$199, on special until the end of October.

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cool idea. For linux + windowsmobile, you can currently use kcemirror to do the same.