The Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder gets some compelling accessories

The Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder gets some compelling accessories
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August 31, 2008 The Olympus LS-10 is a pocket-size Linear PCM compact recording device that captures audio in the highest quality. It perfect for use on the go, and enjoys a fine reputation with musicians, journalists and podcasters (gotta be a joke in there somewhere). Olympus trotted out an infrared remote control and an exceptionally effective windshield for the LS-10 at IFA this week that make it even more attractive to these oft maligned professionals. The mandatory introductory stunt at IFA was to have a guitarist record a song in a sound proof phone box (pictured) and then play it backed - it worked ... impressive sound reproduction meeting promised CD quality.

The RS30W infrared remote control features two handy buttons to stop and start recording, and a multi-angle receiver that makes it possible to operate the device remotely from all directions.

The new high-performance fur windshield caps the LS-10’s built-in microphones to ensure that recordings will be protected from howling or popping wind noises. In this way, high-fidelity sound capture can continue, even if exposed to windy environments. The wind jammer will become available from this autumn while the remote is available now.

Since its release, the Olympus LS-10 has been gaining fame in the world of audio recording for its superior performance and high portability. Musicians the world over have been praising this model for its unique versatility and high recording quality – it’s the perfect companion for jam sessions or for capturing spontaneous song ideas. A durable metal casing ensures that long stints on the road won’t damage it.

Music legend Nick Mason, drummer for the iconic band Pink Floyd, was among the first to jump on the Olympus LS-10 bandwagon. He sees the LS-10 as an indispensible tool for any musician who wants to capture inspiration when it strikes.

“The only element missing from this device is a world-class recording engineer”, he says. “It’s capable of recording at a quality that was previously only possible with a full mobile recording studio and a catering truck to look after that team of roadies. If you want to make the demo that will convince those record execs to write the cheque for the big advance then this is the machine for you. The fact that the additional software available lets you overdub and mix really completes the package”.

View gallery - 5 images
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