The Stat-X First Responder – designed just for manhole fires

The Stat-X First Responder – d...
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Now here’s a clever device no electrical, gas, plumbing, fire, police or first responder crew should be without ... if they ever have to go into confined spaces where there’s even a remote chance of fire. It’s called a Stat-X First Responder® and it only does one thing – extinguish fires in confined spaces really fast. If fire breaks out, you activate the aerosol-based fire suppression device and toss it in the hole. It’s clean, compact, cost effective and safe for the environment. Fires in manholes are rare but can be deadly without the correct firefighting tools to enable a trapped worker to escape.

Craig Jennings
What happens if you need to chuck it in a hole and someone is in there? (because that\'s when you REALLY need to put out a fire)
Patrick Labay
I wonder if this is useful in Coal mining?