Almost everyone has multiple devices that require charging. A new product called thingCHARGER aims to make the process a little easier and neater, as it goes right over an existing outlet, and docks various devices on top for easy charging.

The core design of thingCHARGER is very simple. It plugs in over an existing outlet, leaving the plugs usable, and features top-mounted charging tips that allow the user to charge their phone, tablet, reader, or other device. The tips are stored inside of the charger, and can be swapped when needed. Basically, it's like having a dock right on a wall outlet.

On the bottom of thingCHARGER are two USB ports, so if a situation arises where one needs to charge many devices at a time, it's still possible to do so without taking up the main power outlets.

An interesting aspect of the design is that the chargers can stack, so a user could plug three into one outlet and then dock three different devices at the same time. When done, it looks way cleaner than it would with three different charger cables sticking out of the wall at once.

To save power, the main outlets are on at all times, but the two USB ports and the tip on the top of the thingCHARGER are only on when a user hits the power button on the side.

For the time being, the device is only available with the North American outlet design and voltage, but the team has promised that once it has shipped these units, it will begin work on designs for other countries.

The thingCHARGER team is seeking funding for its design on Indiegogo. It started with a very modest US$25,000 goal, and it has exceeded that with two weeks still remaining in its funding period. The base amount for a backer to receive a charger is $29, but the company is also offering packages where buyers can get free thingCHARGERs with purchases of two or more.

The pitch video below provides more information on thingCHARGER and shows it in action.

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