So, you don't like folding laundry, digging through your closet, or wearing wrinkly clothes … is that about right? Well, if it is, then the ThreadRobe may be what you're looking for. Working with an app, this wardrobe-on-steroids helps you select outfits based on the clothes that are tossed into it, then delivers those items to you freshly-steamed.

Here's how the system works …

When you first get a new item of clothing, you start by permanently attaching a small RFID tag to it, then using the app to photograph that item and enter some basic information about it. From there, you wear, wash and dry the clothing, just like you always would.

Once the item has been dried, however, you toss it in the ThreadRobe's bin instead of folding it. The ThreadRobe will pull the clothing into its internal storage area, and hang it there until it's needed. When that time comes, the clothing will be identified by its RFID tag, dropped out of storage back into the bin, then steamed smooth.

You can utilize the app to select specific items of clothing, or you can use it to suggest outfits based on the occasion and the color/style of the clean clothes that are available. The app will also keep track of clothes that are currently dirty, plus you can use it while shopping, as it will tell you which items of your existing wardrobe will go with an item in a store (based on a photo).

The ThreadRobe itself reportedly holds between 100 and 200 items, depending on the model selected. Things like shoes, belts, handbags, heavy coats and loose-knit items can't be stored in it, although they can still be entered in the app.

If you're interested, the smaller model is now available for preorder, priced at US$3,250. The planned retail price is $4,000. It's demo'd in the video below.

And should it all just seem a little "too much" for you – or perhaps even if you think it's the perfect idea – you should also check out Blacksocks.

Source: ThreadRobe

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