Renowned amp design engineer James Brown will be taking a new guitar effects pedal to the Nashville Amp Expo shortly and is asking for help with final tweaking. The new TightBoost pedal offers musicians a clean gain power boost without producing unwanted distortion, and the comments from show visitors invited to try out the new pedal could well help to shape the final production model.

Since unveiling the TightDrive guitar and bass pedals earlier this year, Brown has received many suggestions for other Amptweaker gain pedals. The new TightBoost effects pedal is the realization of some of that input. Using the same distortion-handling technology as the TightDrive, the new pedal is said to keep unwanted distortion in check and provide "a cleaner boost with more output level and much less distortion."

Another requested feature that has made its way to the TightBoost is the provision of the tone of a parked wah pedal. Guitarists don't just use wah pedals for funky rhythm or piercing solos, many also use the unit to boost their amp sound. Without removing the high end which is typically heard from a wah, the TightBoost uses the Mid EQ control to offer "a higher Q/more peaky mid boost and gradually blends in this wah sound." Using the pedal's High and Tight controls can further add to the effect.

Features from the TightDrive such as the Effects Loop with its Pre/ Post switch, the LEDs illumination of the controls, and the battery on/off switch have also made it through to the new unit.

Amptweaker is hoping that feedback from visitors to the two day Nashville Amp Expo, which opens its doors on August 21, will help to bring the TightBoost to production-ready status. Brown told Gizmag that he plans to hold the US$180 street price when the unit ships in September.

Readers are encouraged to keep an eye on Amptweaker's website for updates.

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