Tasked with designing a family house on a steep hill with views of the ocean, Teeland Architects conceived a glazed rectangular home wrapped in timber screens that offer control over light, breeze, and views. The recently-completed Tinbeerwah House also features solar power and greywater recycling.

Tinbeerwah House is located in Noosa Shire, Australia, and measures 60 sq m (2,798 sq ft), all laid out on one floor. Operating the glazing and timber slats is a key part of making life comfortable in the home.

"In its simplest form, the new house is designed as an operable glass pavilion that is wrapped in fine hardwood screens, so the owners can control the amount of direct sun coming in," says the firm. "In winter, they can slide open the screens to let the winter sun in to heat up the concrete floor. In summer mornings, they can have the screens closed to provide shade from direct sun, while still maintaining views and breezes through the timber battens."

As Tinbeerwah House sits on a steep slope, access is gained by a long staircase. The interior of the home is arranged into a large living space with an open kitchen, dining area, and living room. Elsewhere lies three kids bedrooms and a master bedroom. A pool is installed outside, and there's also a small vegetable garden and orchard.

Tinbeerwah House has a solar power system, which reduces its draw on the grid. A rainwater collection system provides potable water for use in the house and the waste water from bathrooms kitchen and laundry use is treated and re-used for irrigation.

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