NOA (Network of Architecture), the designers of the hotel with the crazy pool in South Tyrol, Italy, recently completed another unusual hotel nearby. Named Tofana, it's shaped like a mountaintop and has some novel touches like a ski gondola-shaped reception and a layout that's meant to bring to mind ascending to the summit.

The Tofana hotel is actually a replacement of a previously-existing hotel on the same site that was founded back in 1933. Though its shape is meant to resemble a tree-lined mountaintop, the likeness isn't too on the nose, and its asymmetrical form fits well enough in its location.

The idea for the hotel isn't inspired by the surrounding scenery as you might expect, but rather the owners' many outdoorsy hobbies and interests, which include mountaineering.

Guests enter the hotel by the "basecamp" (reception), which includes a ski gondola-shaped reception desk. Once checked-in, they ascend winding paths lined with a total of 35 coniferous trees to get to their rooms. This circuitous journey is meant to feel a little like a mountainside walk, and there are plenty of places to stop and rest. Alternatively, guests can continue on to the roof terrace summit to check out some great views of the Dolomites.

The Tofana's 35 rooms and suites are likened to huts and cabins, though they're a lot more luxurious than the kind of utilitarian shelters with no toilet or running water that you generally expect to see on the side of a mountain.

Indeed, the focus is definitely on luxury here and guests can enjoy amenities including access to a spa, sauna, yoga facilities, lounges, restaurants, and areas to meditate. There are also local places to ski, and cycling and hiking paths.

The Tofana hotel was completed in December, 2016.

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