If someone had suggested 20 years ago that a fully working computer with up to 1GHz of processing power would fit on a board the size of a SODIMM memory module (2.66 x 1.44 x 0.2 inches), some lighthearted mockery may have followed. Yet embedded hardware specialist Toradex is about to do just that with its new Tegra T20, a teeny computer module based on NVIDIA's latest Cortex A9 processor that offers full high definition video support, 256MB of onboard memory and a gigabyte of Flash storage.

The SODIMM-sized computer module will give miniaturized computing a dual core boost when Toradex makes it available for evaluation later this year. Based on the latest NVIDIA Tegra T20 Cortex A9 MPCore processor with dual cores running at up to 1GHz, the module also supports a range of touchscreen resolutions right up to 1080p Full HD over HDMI. There’s also widescreen 1680 x 1050 LCD connectivity and its ultra low power graphics offers 3D rendering capability.

The Tegra T20 board comes with 256MB DDR RAM and 1GB flash and is the same 2.66 x 1.44 x 0.2 inch size as the company's other Colibri boards. Consuming under 2W of power, the module can support a camera, USB 2.0, SD card, 10/100 Ethernet, audio and over a hundred general purpose I/Os and IrDA infrared connectivity.

Toradex will start shipping evaluation samples in Q4 this year.