Thinking vertically can add a whole new dimension to our storage solutions, but there's a one clunky inhabitant of garages around the world that doesn't particularly lend itself to an upright way of life. Landscape equipment manufacturer Toro is looking to solve this dilemma through its Recycler mower, a lawn mower designed to be stored vertically without undesirable pools of oil and gas forming underfoot.

Enabling the mower to be stored vertically is a patented technology the company calls Mow 'N' Stow. This involves a custom fuel tank design with improved seals and gaskets and what it calls a "no weep" carburetor.

Toro says that the upright stance of its Recycler mower will reduce the storage footprint by up to 70 percent and in addition offer better access to its underside making it easier to clean and maintain.

The mower has a cutting width of 22 in (56 cm) and includes Toro's Recycler mulchin capability, which involves the mower cutting and re-cutting the grass until it is fine enough to be discretely dispersed back into the turf, meaning a less frequent emptying of the bag.

Powered by a 190 cc Briggs & Stratton engine, the mower features a variable speed self-propulsion system at a maximum of 3.25 mph (5.25 km/h) with front wheel drive and 11-inch rear wheels.

The US$369 Recycler with SmartStow will be available from Spring 2014 onwards.

Source: Toro

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