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Toshiba unveils three new CELL REGZA 3D LED TVs

Toshiba unveils three new CELL...
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Toshiba unveils three CELL REGZA 3D LED TVs
Toshiba unveils three CELL REGZA 3D LED TVs
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Toshiba has unveiled its new line of CELL REGZA 3D LED TVs. The new 3D TVs, CELL REGZA 55X2, CELL REGZA Slim 55XE2 and CELL REGZA 46XE2 all include "3D Super Resolution Technology" for upgrading the resolution of 3D content along with 2D-3D conversion. The 55X2 has dynamic contrast ratio of 9,000,000:1 while the other two models have 4,000,000:1. All feature 240 Hz refresh rate, support DNLA, are web enabled and feature a 3 TB hard drive with 2 TB dedicated to CELL REGZA’s Time Shift Machine, which allows you to record up to eight channels simultaneously.

3D Super Resolution Technology is designed to upgrade 3D content to "near high definition" – delivering a 960 pixel image to each eye. The technology is made up of two main parts. The first is "Reproduction technology" which reproduces the image and detects areas that can be improved during the enlargement process. The second part is "Self-congruency", which then takes the image and reconstructs it with greater detail.

Toshiba’s 2D-3D Conversion Technology is based on an algorithm that converts the image by recognizing and detecting the vectors of movement of several objects in an image.

The 55X2 and 55XE2 also have a "High Luminance Mega LED panel" which ensures the highest picture quality with brighter whites and deeper blacks according to Toshiba. The LED Block Array divides the display into 512 areas which enable much closer image contrast management and brings out image detail to the full.

The Time Shift Machine function allows you to record approximately 102 hours per channel if recording two channels, 51 hours per channel for four channels, 34 hours per channel for six channels and 25 hours per channel for eight channels.

The Slim 55XE2 and the 46XE2 will be available in Japan from the beginning of October and the 55X2 will be available in Japan from the end of October. The 55X2 will retail at JPY1,000,000 (US$11,400 approx), the 55XE2 at JPY700,000 (US$8,000 approx) and the 46XE2 at JPY600,000 (US$6,858 approx). All require Toshiba 3D glasses.

Toshiba has not said when the new REGZAs will be released to other markets.

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Have any of the Cell Regza models ever reached anywhere outside Japan?