Fuel cells are the cleanest and the most efficient generators of energy and now you can have one in your back pack. Dynario, a portable fuel cell power generator recently launched by Toshiba Corporation, weighs just 280 grams, measures only 15cm wide x 2.1cm deep x 7.45cm high and can produce enough power in 20 seconds to charge two mobile phones. The power is stored in in-built lithium ion batteries and can be transferred via a USB cable to your mobile phone or digital media player when needed.

The methanol powered device has a dedicated 50 ml cartridge for refueling. A single cartridge can be used to charge approximately three times.

Compared to other green forms of energy generation like portable solar chargers or micro wind turbines, fuel cells offer a more dependable and reliable option. Power is generated instantly and water is the only emission.

The only drawback of Dynario seems to be cost, which at around US$275 for the fuel cell generator and $30 for 50ml cartridge of methanol is way too expensive for normal use. However, some users of adventure sports who want very small amounts of reliable power to charge up their GPS and other emergency devices will find Dynario very useful despite the costs.

At present Dynario is available for sale only in Japan from Toshiba's e-website.

Via Toshiba.

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