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NewCon prototype touch Smartphone with flip QWERTY keyboard

NewCon prototype touch Smartp...
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In 1995 Hans Constin filed a patent for the Smartphone design of the well known Communicators. He still holds the worldwide patents today and has now come up with a new and clever solution for the era of touch smartphones à la iPhone. His NewCon Smartphone design has a large touch screen but when flipped open and turned, the compact Smartphone becomes a mini laptop with a full QWERTY keyboard. As much as we hate the QWERTY layout, it’s a clever design.

"Devices of this type are fully fledged Mini PCs and are just as easy touse" says Hans Constin. "Users of smartphones who need to enter text, oftencomplain about the functionality and ergonomics of input options. Devicesthat are manufactured according to the new NewCon patent offer the largestkeyboard, the thinnest profile and a touch display similar to the iPhone".

Devices with this type of design enable users to always have their PCs tohand and eliminate the need to fiddle around with a touch keyboard. "Similardevices such as the HTC Touch Pro 2 do have a keyboard" says Constin, "butthe sliding mechanism which moves the screen, only permits half of thepossible keyboard surface to be used. Many users who are frustrated withtouch keyboards would be delighted to use their Smartphones as PCs. Whetherthe mobile phone industry responds to these new ideas remains to be seen."

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1 comment
1 comment
Is Hans Constin not aware of the XDA Exec/HTC Universal that has this exact same \'flip and twist\' way of opening up to become a mini laptop phone? (Albeit that was maybe bigger than this phone).
I\'ve had a couple of Xda Execs and they remain my favourite ever phone.
Prototype? Not a new idea as far as I can see!