Developed by the Teehan+Lax Labs team, the Touch Vision Interface is an interesting idea that looks at using a smartphone's camera to manipulate other screens such as LCD monitors, laptops or TVs. Using the onboard camera, the system would send touch input coordinates in real time from the smartphone's touchscreen to a video feed displayed on the secondary screen.

While the ability to interact with multiple devices without interruption looks pretty impressive, it might in fact be difficult to implement this system in everyday life. The developers behind the Touch Vision Interface point to surface discovery and pairing as challenges to be overcome in making the technology viable.

According to the Teehan+Lax Labs team, possible future applications for the Touch Vision Interface include crowd-sourcing with the use of billboard polls, group participation on large installations, or a wall of digital billboards that users seamlessly paint across with a single gesture. Another example would be the enhancing of the collaborative creative process, such as in music production.

Take a look at the following video presenting the Touch Vision Interface:

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