Traveling should be exciting. However, preparing to travel can be stressful, especially if your adventure is out of the country. What is the weather going to be like? Are all of the toiletries packed? Finally, have you got everything you need to charge digital devices. There are multiple adapters and USB chargers for laptops, smart phones and tablets. That sounds like a nightmare that nobody should have to deal with.

Zendure, a seasoned company from California, has done it again. This new addition to its line, available for pre-order, solves so many problems consumers face while traveling. Passport GO with GaN is the ultimate travel accessory for charging all of your gadgets and devices. It is a worry-free powerhouse that packs a 4-port USB charger with 30W power delivery, a travel adapter with auto-resetting fuse and a power adapter into one unit. Charge up to five different devices at the same time in over 200 countries and regions.

Passport GO is the next generation in travel technology. Two years ago, the original Passport was released and was an instant hit. Everything that consumers loved about Passport has been enhanced and upgraded. The newest edition is fast, more powerful and compatible with all of the latest devices.

Zendure has introduced GaN technology into its latest device, Passport GO. Devices with this technology are faster and more efficient than classic silicon devices, and are able to operate at a much higher temperature. That could come in handy while all 4 ports are being used while charging consumers devices. This technology allows for 30W of power through its USB-C port.

The USB-C port charges all of your devices with amazing speed. A 12" MacBook can reach 50% battery in only 60 minutes. An iPad Pro? 50% battery in 45 minutes. iPhone X will be charged to 50% in just 30 minutes. In addition to the powerful USB-C port, Passport GO has three USB-A ports and a multi-region AC output. This allows consumers to charge up to five devices at the same time.

Passport GO has another worry-free innovation that will allow consumers to enjoy their travels even more. Traditional travel adapters feature a single fuse that will need to be replaced in the event too much current is drawn. This then requires a trip to the electronics store to find a replacement fuse. Passport GO has an auto-resetting fuse that will temporarily stop the flow of electricity and resume after a few seconds.

This all-in-one, convenient travel adapter makes travel less stressful, leaving time to check off all those items on the bucket list. Those who want to get their hands on the new Passport GO Adapter can get it here. Hurry, there are only a few weeks left to get special pricing.

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