With the exception of electric mountain bikes, most e-bikes tend to be fairly conservative-looking things. We do say "most," however, as the beastly BestiaNera Sport is certainly a head-turner. Made by Italy's TºRed Bikes and designed by Romolo Stanco, it's also one of the world's lightest electrics, tipping the scales at just 9.8 kg (21.6 lb).

"BestiaNera" is Italian for "bugbear" … as in a hobgoblin or boogeyman-type figure. In case the analogy isn't clear enough from the name, just take a look at the ends of its handlebars – the thing's got horns!

More practically, the track-inspired bike also features a monocoque carbon fiber frame, a carbon tri-bladed front wheel, and a carbon disc-covered rear wheel. That back wheel also contains a 30V/160-Wh lithium-ion battery pack and a brushless 250-watt hub motor that augments the rider's pedalling power.

Depending on the amount of electric assistance chosen via an iOS/Android smartphone app, the battery should be good for a range of up to 30 km (19 miles) per charge. A rear regenerative braking system helps stretch that range out, with an SRAM hydraulic disc brake helping to slow things down in front.

Bumps in the road are lessened by TºRed's Shape Memory Alloy Anti Vibration System, which utilizes nickel titanium elements within the carbon frame to reduce vibrations.

Finally, the BestiaNera's name isn't the only scary thing about it – the bike sells for a cool €9,900 (about US$10,920). Along with the Sport model, there's also a differently-spec'd (and lower-priced) Urban version, along with a non-electric track model.

Source: TºRed Bikes

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