The Trideck is a three-wheeled longboard-style skateboard with pneumatic tires and a built-in brake. A detachable handlebar can turn it into a skating scooter for added stability. The first prototype of the Trideck was built in a garage and has since seen refinement to become production-ready.

One of the functional downsides to a standard skateboard or longboard are the limited surfaces upon which they can be used. Skates are pavement-only. Many manufacturers and designers have attempted to get around that by making wheels bigger and changing ride heights. A similar design known as the CitySurf, for example, was introduced about a year ago.

Where the CitySurf aimed to simulate surfing without the water, the Trideck aims to be a stable, all-terrain longboard for land use with the feel of a snowboard in powder. The Trideck is designed as a "tadpole" three-wheeler, with two wheels up front and one at the rear. This gives the platform an inherent stability on uneven surfaces.

The 12-inch pneumatic tires give it cushioning and ride height for clearance, and the tubular steel frame adds structural rigidity. A built-in brake on the rear wheel and the option of using an adjustable scooter-style handlebar attachment makes the Trideck a possibility for both beginners and those who plan to use the board for "last mile" commuting and the like.

The turning lean can be adjusted through a hand-knob at front, changing dynamics for different uses or users. A land paddle can also be used to experience stand-up paddle boarding on land.

The Trideck weighs about 15 lb (6.8 kg) and is being sold now at US$230. It can be found on the company website, Amazon, and at select retail stores in the United States. Several videos from Trideck show the capabilities of the board, including this one which showcases it on the beach and in an urban-style atmosphere.

Source: Trideck

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