Trunki's ride-on suitcases are a great way to make airports more bearable for kids, but why should they get to have all the fun? The company's new carry-on-sized Jurni does the same for grown-ups. You can sit on it to rest, ride on it when queueing and pull it along like a conventional wheeled case.

Designed by the creator of the Trunki, Rob Law, the Jurni was four years and hundreds of prototypes in the making. It is aimed at "young connected travellers," but, frankly, we can see its appeal extending well beyond that.

The Jurni weighs 7.3 lb (3.3 kg) and measures 20 x 14 x 8 in (50 x 35 x 20 cm), which meets the International Air Transport Association guidelines for carry-on luggage size. Trunki says it is made of durable and impact-resistant polypropylene, and is offering a 5-year warranty on the cases to back that claim up.

The main features of the Jurni are the built-in seat and in-line wheels. The seat, of course, provides a means for users to take the weight off their feet while waiting around in the airport – the case can support up to 220 lb (100 kg). The in-line wheels allow users to remain seated while queueing, straddling the case, while still being able to move forward.

The in-line wheels additionally allow users to maneuver the Jurni through tight spaces when pulling it around, but there are also wheels mounted on the side of the case that allow it to be towed around like other wheeled suitcases. Both sets are skate-type wheels with smooth-gliding ball bearings.

The built-in seat actually doubles as a quick access compartment that can "pop-out" of the suitcase entirely. It is designed as a place for users to keep the valuables that they want close-to-hand, and its 10.2 x 5.3 x 2.3-in (260 x 135 x 59-mm) internal dimensions will accommodate tablets up to the size of an iPad mini. The pod is made of composite plastic for durability and has a splash-proof seal.

The main compartment of the Jurni has a capacity of 23 l (5.1 gal). A moveable shelf can be used at the bottom of the compartment to create a hidden storage space, or moved to the middle of the compartment so as to act as a partition. Elastic bungees on the inside of the main compartment door provide a place to store magazines.

There are buttons to release the storage pod and to open the main compartment door, as well as a place for securing a padlock. The Jurni features both a telescopic handle for being towed and a quick-grab handle on its side. Its parts can be easily replaced in the event that they fail, or so that users can customize it. The case is available in range of colors.

An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is underway for the Jurni suitcase. At the time of writing, individuals who pledge from US$99 can receive a Jurni, assuming all goes to plan with the campaign and roll-out. Shipping is scheduled to begin in February 2016.

The video below is the Indiegogo pitch for the Jurni suitcase.

Source: Trunki, Indiegogo

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