Tug-Preventing Dog Collar keeps dogs in line with an ultrasonic blast

Tug-Preventing Dog Collar keep...
The Tug-Preventing Dog Collar trains dogs to not pull on the leash by emitting an ultrasonic tone
The Tug-Preventing Dog Collar trains dogs to not pull on the leash by emitting an ultrasonic tone
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The Tug-Preventing Dog Collar trains dogs to not pull on the leash by emitting an ultrasonic tone
The Tug-Preventing Dog Collar trains dogs to not pull on the leash by emitting an ultrasonic tone

If taking the dog for a walk sees you being dragged along with your pooch calling the shots and setting the pace then the Tug-Preventing Dog Trainer could be just what the doctor - or vet - ordered. Designed to attach between the leash and collar, the device will emit an ultrasonic tone whenever the dog pulls on the leash. To teach the dog to stay in line and associate the sound with pulling on the leash, the volume of the tone increases the harder the dog pulls.

Although the tone is designed to be irritating to dogs, thankfully humans won't have to endure it as the sound emitted from the device is inaudible to us. And as the tone is directed towards the leashed pet and the volume levels can be adjusted manually for dogs with different hearing sensitivities, the disturbance of other nearby pets can be reduced. The device is powered by two AAA batteries, is compatible with any leash and is suitable for all dog breeds and sizes.

The Tug-Preventing Dog Trainer is available from Hammacher Schlemmer for US$39.95, which is a lot cheaper than enrolling your pet in obedience classes and easier than arranging for a visit from Cesar Millan.

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Renārs Grebežs
Great. Let\'s hope pet owners will use it!
Or you could use a choke collar to train your dog and have have no effect on other pets while saving money.
Please don\'t try to tell me that applying force against the dogs eardrums is more humane than applying force to the dogs neck in a manner similar to how dogs \"punish\" other dogs.
Rustin Lee Haase
Looks interesting. My border collie even pulls hard on his choke chain. Apparently pure determination outranks the desire to breath. I keep finding myself stopping, making him sit and telling him to breath. After a breather, we get going again and the cycle starts all over again. The frequency of all this has reduced now that he is more than 2 years old and the puppy is mostly worked out of him. Still, he pulls hard. This might work, or not.
Siriusly Canine Deb
Unless used properly by a dog\'s owner, no training aid will work. Any dog can learn to walk loose lead WITHOUT a choke chain (which can injure the dog\'s trachea), battery operated sound correction or Cesar Milan. You can use positive reinforcement that works like a charm. :-) You\'re better off calling PetsMart or Petco and for a minimal expenditure actually learn how to get your dog to walk properly on a leash. Of course, the owner has to be involved in the process and be willing to work with the dog outside of class. There is no \"magic pill\" that turns a puller into a compliant walker, but it can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time with a some effort and actual training by a qualified trainer. And, no, I don\'t work for PetsMart or Petco, but I am a dog trainer.
This is another example of a product designed and promoted as an easy solution to a problem that belongs only to the OWNER and not the dog. All pet/dog owners should have a full understanding of the breed and dog behavior.
I suspect this product will cause much worse behavior problems than it will solve.
Facebook User
With freight from this store to Australia priced at $94.95 plus the cost of the goods I guess this gadget must weigh several Kg (lb). I think my dog would die of exhaustion on it's usual walk with this load hanging on it's neck or more likely this merchant is not interested in overseas orders.
Laprivan of the Yellow Eyes
Hey, let\'s produce a generation of deaf dogs and dumb owners! What a great idea.
Alan Belardinelli
This would not seem to have any advantage over a \"pinch collar\" if the pinch collar is used effectively.
Maikel Das
Maybe someday pet shops would give away these devices as a free offer....... \"Buy a Dog, get a device FREE\"... Assuming the sale of these products 10 - 15 per year..
I'll stick with the standard pinch collar. Works great.