Uber's courier service, UberRUSH, is aimed at providing companies with with a fast and flexible means of making deliveries to customers, without the need for their own logistics operation. Now, its features can be built directly into a company's website or app.

This is possible following the public launch of the UberRUSH application programming interface (API), which was initially released into beta back in January. UberRUSH can still be used without technical integration, but the API offers a means of having it work with the company's existing systems and streamlining the delivery process. It also works with business platforms like Shopify and Clover for ease of set up.

Once a customer places an order, UberRUSH allows a company to schedule the delivery at a specific time so as to avoid bottlenecks during busy periods. An UberRUSH courier will collect the item when required and deliver it directly to the customer.

It's then possible for companies to track the location of the delivery in real-time on a map and, if they wish, provide a tracking link to the customer so that they too can keep an eye on where it's at. Customers are notified when their delivery is about to arrive and additional extra steps, like a requesting a signature confirmation or a return trip, can be added into the process as required.

The chief benefit of UberRUSH is its network of drivers, which is larger than many small firms would need or could afford to operate themselves. This means that, in the event of a spike in demand, such firms would not be caught short of delivery drivers. Companies need also only pay for the deliveries they make, rather than employ a delivery team, and need not pay for trips back from deliveries, as they would running their own team.

As a result of using the API to build UberRUSH into its app, Uber says one New York pizza shop has been able to increase the size of its delivery zone. Elsewhere, the API has reportedly allowed a dry cleaning firm in Chicago to offer more delivery options, such as emergency collections for stained items and and deliveries to special locations.

The UberRUSH API was launched to the public yesterday and UberRUSH is currently available in New York, San Francisco and Chicago.

The video below provides an introduction to the API.

Source: Uber

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