Ubiquity Networks is looking to bring some of the technology from its enterprise-focused products to the home. The first cab off the rank for the company's new consumer division is AmpliFi, a system comprising a sleek-looking router, two extenders, and a smartphone app designed to deliver a high-degree of control over usage and the devices on the network.

Like routers such as the Luma and Eero, AmpliFi plugs into your current modem and beams out 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Depending on your connection, that can allow speeds of up to 5.45 Gbps.

The router unit hides unsightly antennas inside a crisp, modern-looking shell, complete with an LCD screen which can display the network usage and status. Otherwise, it defaults to a clock, which speaks to how much Ubiquiti wants users to keep the device out in the open.

The extenders are equally easy on the eye, slotting into available wall sockets and helping to plug up any dead zones around the house. They can be angled however you like, and LEDs on the exterior will indicate the strength of the signal from the router, to help you find the optimal position for them. They also come pre-paired to take the hassle out of finding and pairing components.

Two extenders are bundled with the system, but the modular design of the whole package means more can be added if need be.

The Ubiquiti app allows you to set up the system from an Android or iOS device and use it to check detailed stats about your connection. You can keep track of who's on the network and when, see the usage for specific devices and users, conduct speed tests, and provide easy access to guests without handing out your password.

The basic model AmpliFi system is set to retail for US$199. Ubiquiti Networks is currently taking preorders, with the first shipments due in the next few months.

Source: AmpliFi

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