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Uji shower head gives water savings a green light

Uji shower head gives water sa...
The Uji shower head starts out green, and gradually changes to red
The Uji shower head starts out green, and gradually changes to red
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The Uji shower head starts out green, and gradually changes to red
The Uji shower head starts out green, and gradually changes to red

There are few things that most of us like better than a long, hot shower, but they sure use up a lot of water and power. That's why Tufts University grads Brett Andler, Sam Woolf and Tyler Wilson have created the Uji illuminated shower head. It gradually changes from green to red while in use, letting users know when it's time to get out.

Once the Uji has turned red, it doesn't force users out by shutting off the water, freezing them, giving them an electric shock, or anything like that. The idea is more that it simply serves as a way of making them realize how much time is passing. According to a report on NPR, the current prototype is set to turn fully red after seven minutes, although the duration may be adjustable on a commercial version.

According to its inventors, a six-month study indicated that the Uji reduces showering time by an average of 12 percent, which should add up to a savings of approximately US$85 a year in a home setting. In a university setting, that figure goes up to $200 a year. That's pretty good, for something that they hope to sell for about $50 a pop.

Andler, Woolf and Wilson are currently looking for investors to help take their creation to market, and hope for it to be commercially available by next year. If you just can't wait that long, however, you might want to check out the Water Pebble – it's sort of like the Uji, although it sits near the drain hole.

A demo video of the Uji can be seen below.

Source: Uji via NPR

Uji Demo Video

Norm Frey
Bad idea. If you really can't judge time for yourself, go to the dollar store and buy a simple timer you can set for seven minutes. Then you're only out one dollar, when you stop using it and throw it away. Or use your ridiculous Siri, say Siri, let me know when seven minutes have passed.
Why not a meter that shows how much water has been used? Then every member of the family can try to beat your record.
Robert Walther
In the video the shower head is leaking at the connection to the pipe.
If it could give me a totally awesome LED lightshow as I showered, cool. If it's just going to nag me that I've spent too much time in the shower it can go to hell. I pay for the damn water and the gas to heat it, I can use as much as I damn well want.
"Don't you care about the Erf? Don't you care about all the people without water? Don't you realize small changes you make can allow you to smugly feel as if you're making a difference?"