Unison comm system combines phone, email, voicemail and instant messaging

Unison comm system combines ph...
Unison's fully-unified communications system
Unison's fully-unified communications system
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Unison's fully-unified communications system
Unison's fully-unified communications system

February 28, 2008 Unison Technologies is launching a beta version of its fully-unified communications system at this years CeBIT. The Unison Server, combined with the Unison Desktop software, provides users with a simple, cost-effective system that integrates telephone calls, voicemail, email, instant messaging and collaboration.

Unisonis designed to allow a company’s entire communications system to run off a single Linux server. By including PBX, telephone and Internet infrastructure, the Unison Server drastically slashes deployment and maintenance costs by an estimated 85%.

Combining all communication forms in one server allows the whole system to be configured through a single administrator panel, and requires far less management than a legacy system. All settings and features can be adjusted centrally, and all conversations can be encrypted, monitored, blocked, recorded and consolidated in a single database. The open-source operating system and enterprise-grade database further reduce ongoing work, and with only one server to patch and update it is more stable and safe than the alternative.

The Unison Desktop application runs on each computer connected to the Unison Server. It operates on Windows, and organizes incoming and outgoing communications in all mediums, preserving conversations in a searchable database. Unison Intelligent Presence monitors a user’s activity and displays a free/busy status for the instant messaging and phone services. The software also integrates an easy to manage contact list and calendar, as well as anti-virus protection. According to a study by Sage Research, the streamlined communication system can increase productivity by over 12.5%, or one hour per day for each worker. Click-to-call, click-to-conference, and unlimited inbox space further increases efficiency.

Unison Technologies will improve and simplify the way people work together within enterprises,” said Michael Choupak, CEO of Unison Technologies, the creator of Unison. “After several years of development, the Unison team has delivered a product that works as a fully-unified system out of the box. There is no need to integrate Unison with a third-party PBX or other server, because it simply works, immediately, with all communication features included and unified. We expect Unison to improve global productivity as millions of business users’ upgrade over the coming years.”

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