The Universal Gadget Wrist Charger looks like it would be even more useful than the magical bullet-deflecting bracelets worn by Wonder Woman – for charging gadgets anyway. This device provides a convenient way to carry around some extra energy reserves to power the growing number of portable gadgets residing on your person these days.

Containing a 1500 mAh, 5.5V lithium ion battery the Wrist Charger features a mini USB port and connectors for a range of mobile devices including iPhone, Nokia I (3.5mm), Nokia II (2mm), LG, Motoroloa, HTC, Dopod, Samsung i900 and Sony Ericsson mobile phones, as well as portable gaming consoles such as the Sony PSP, NDS Lite and Nintendo DSi.

Four LED indicators show how much power remains on the device and because the charger is located on your wrist you’re free to use your device while it’s charging.

The Wrist Charger weighs 82g (2.89oz) and can be charged via USB or an electrical outlet. It is available from ThinkGeek for US$34.99.

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