Travelers seeking relief along Norway's beautiful coastline will have a stylish new stop for their disposal at their disposal, with the local road authority snipping the ribbon on what is one of the more dapper-looking crappers we've laid eyes on.

Opened earlier in March, the Ureddplassen rest stop is now offering refuge to those traveling along the Helgelandskysten scenic route in Norway's west. Here, in this popular spot to experience the northern lights in winter and midnight sun in summer, visitors can enjoy a viewing terrace and amphitheater built into the lakeside, with seating and a monument carved out of locally sourced marble.

And should the still waters in front of them incite a little movement out back, then a soon-to-be constructed toilet facility will allow them to take care of business. This gorgeous undulating outhouse shares the same concrete complexion as its paved surroundings, and offers its guests a moment of privacy thanks to its opaque floor-to-ceiling windows.

This makes for quite a tasteful addition to the breathtaking scenery, particularly when the lights switch off after sundown. Designed by Oslo-based architecture firm Haugen/Zohar, builders are now adding the final touches to this lovely latrine, with the doors to be opened in the next two weeks.

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