If you want to give your legs a bit of a rest when riding your kickbike, an oddity spotted at Eurobike 2015 this week could be just what you're looking for. The Kick-Varibike can be propelled by leg or hand power, and the riding experience is likened by the firm to cross-country skiing or stand up paddling.

Functioning much like Varibike's dual-mode bicycle that we reported on back in 2013 – except minus the pedals – the Kick-Varibike enables the rider to propel themselves forward with a couple of cranks situated near the handlebars. These cranks are in turn linked to a three-speed geared system and the front wheel.

It features a CroMo frame and fork, and Schwalbe BigApple tires: 24x2 up front, and 20x2 on the rear. Stopping power comes in the form of a disc brake on the front, and a V-Brake on the rear.

Varibike is listing the Kick as available to purchase at a price of €2,599 (roughly US$2,935).

Product page: Kick-Varibike

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