People come in all shapes and sizes, so getting a bicycle that fits your needs is not always an easy task. New Zealand's Velogicfit designed the Right Bike system to help, using a combination of hardware and software to identify which bike is the right size and design for a customer's needs.

Velogicfit's philosophy is that "every cyclist has a right to be comfortable on their bike," and like its other products, the Right Bike system was developed to ease confusion cyclists can face when looking for a new ride, particularly when different brands can offer different geometries and frame sizes.

The hardware shapes up as a tall stand hosting a touchscreen display and a built-in 3D camera. A customer stands in front of the screen and is guided into taking up a measurement pose by placing hands and feet to match the positions onscreen. This allows the camera to measure the inseam, arm-length and sternal notch.

The system then serves up on-screen selections to determine what type of riding the customer is interested in. Once the measurements and preferences have been logged, Velogicfit's one-of-a-kind software kicks in and assesses all the models available in the bike store before recommending a shortlist of two wheelers along with suggested frame sizes and key specs.

The company says that running through the system gives customers confidence that their selections will work for them, while also providing vital buyer-specific information to sales staff. Right Bike is able to measure up riders of all sizes and ages, with the algorithm able to take the expected growth of children and teenagers into account to recommend bikes with sufficient adjustment built in.

Right Bike has undergone trials in New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan and Germany, and Velogicfit is now looking to roll out the solution worldwide in the coming months. The video below has more.

Source: Velogicfit

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