While there are many fitness trackers designed to log metrics like heart rate and steps, the Vert Jump Rate Monitor sets itself apart by specifically targeting sports and workouts that require the athlete to jump.

The Vert can track motion in all directions, and is capable of recording jump-specific metrics including vertical height, average vertical over a session, highest vertical and total jump count. It provides the user with real-time stats via a built-in OLED display and is designed to be non-intrusive, supposedly allowing athletes to forget they’re wearing it.

The wearable pairs with smartphones via Bluetooth 4.0 and is smaller than a matchbox. It’s designed to be worn near the waist and can also be purchased with a "VertBelt" strap to help keep it in place. Right now the Vert is iOS only, but in the future the company plans to support Android. Vert also has plans to eventually let athletes link the device with Android Wear and Pebble smartwatches, as well as the Apple Watch.

Vert measures jumps with three high precision gyroscopes, alongside three high-rate accelerometers. There’s an ARM Cortex M3 inside to calculate directional movement, with a proprietary algorithm performing more than 50 simultaneous calculations to measure height with an accuracy of 96 percent.

Despite the fact that the device is only hitting store shelves now, it’s already been showcased in a nationally-televised NCAA volleyball match, and has been used to provide live jump stats on stadium Jumbotrons.

The jump tracker is available now for US$125. While the standard companion app is free, there’s also an optional ($100) VertCoach app that provides simultaneous analysis of a group of Vert-equipped athletes.

Source: Vert

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