VHoldR know how to get the attention of action fiends and their latest accessory for their ContourHD Wearable Camcorder is anything but ordinary. As if shooting HD video from a helmet wasn’t appealing enough, the camcorder now has the added bonuses of a waterproof case. No longer will surfers and kayakers have to persuade their friends about their latest adventure – now they have high quality proof.

The waterproof case provides adventure sports enthusiasts the ability to capture HD video while surfing, river rafting, kayaking, or tackling any other challenge that doesn't venture below 10m deep.

The new addition is the latest accessory for the ContourHD camcorder, which also packs an internal microphone and an innovative twin laser shot alignment system.

Along with the waterproof case, VholdR is introducing a lens kit, which includes a replacement lens cover, as well as adaptable rings for standard 37mm lens filters.

There's also a handlebar mount and a vented helmet mount. So, surfers and kayakers, if you get tired of the ocean you can continue the filming on dry land.

The waterproof case is available for around US$40.

Via VHoldR.