Vietnam's VTN Architects (Vo Trong Nghia Architects) continues its pursuit of adding greenery-infused architecture to its homeland with a pair of new projects in Hanoi. The most notable is named the Viettel Offsite Studio and is defined by a novel zigzagging form designed to provide staff with a green and comfortable work environment.

The Viettel Offsite Studio serves as an office facility for the Viettel telecommunications firm. It's located on a sloping plot of land near a lake and trees.

The 1,427 sq m (roughly 4,680 sq ft) building features six V-shaped areas which host a reception, a dining area, and four office spaces. The decor makes much use of exposed concrete and the spaces are connected by a breezy open corridor. The six areas are topped by rooftop gardens and greenery-filled outdoor work spaces and pathways, while the V-shaped walls are also intended to provide shade and to channel the breeze at different points.

"The V-shaped walls are designed to be high to cut strong harsh sunlight from east and west, while giving an impressive exterior facade for the entrants," explains VTN Architects. "The roof garden will work as an outside studio. The small holes on the wall will provide gentle light and wind to the roof studio."

VTN Architects' nearby Academy Educational Centre (pictured above) is part of the same campus and provides short-term accommodation and training courses for Viettel staff. It consists of a dozen brick buildings that are topped by small garden spaces. The firm installed hanging gardens and water features, as well as a series of concrete roofs/walkways that offer connection between the buildings' rooftops.

"The blocks are connected by multi-level circulation paths, such as corridors, ramps, and staircases," says the firm. "This offers many interesting views as well as various quiet areas for studying. Due to the humid tropical climate in Hanoi, a lightweight concrete roof is designed to cover the majority of semi-outdoor spaces, which also functions as a sky walk. Besides, the roof helps to reduce direct radiation from sunlight."

Both the Academy Educational Centre and Viettel Offsite Studio were completed earlier this year.

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