If you're sick of cookie-cutter e-bikes built solely for puttering around city centers, Vintage Electric might be the antidote you need. A couple months ago, the California e-bike maker took to cruising the coastline with the surfy Signature Cruz special edition, and now it's veering toward twisting pavement and dusty high desert with the Scrambler S. The retro-inspired adventure e-bike becomes its most capable yet, inviting those that prefer "fire roads to freeways" to head for the road less traveled.

"Inspired from an era when Steve McQueen was jumping fences to escape a POW camp, the Scrambler S was designed to inspire riders to get out of their comfort zone and explore," Vintage says in introducing its latest model. "[It] represents an enthusiastic nod to the ingenuity and creativity that prompted off-road motorcycle racing, as well as a glimpse into the future of electric power."

Vintage beefs up performance with an 1,123-Wh lithium battery pack that gives the new bike more range than its stablemates. The Scrambler S can roam for up to 75 miles (121 km) per charge, letting riders get out of the city and into the hills.

The Scrambler S' thumb throttle, pedal-assist system and five ride modes let riders balance motor output and pedaling. The standard bike includes a 750-watt rear hub motor that powers the bike up to a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h). For an extra $149, buyers can tick the box on the optional "race mode" upgrade, which includes a 3,000-watt motor good for speeds up to 36 mph (58 km/h).

Race mode is designed to be unlocked for off-road use, and riders can lock it back into street mode to keep things legal on the public pavement. Speaking of, the Scrambler S is built to transition easily between road and dirt, its Kevlar-infused Schwalbe Black Jack 26s biting into the ground as its inverted suspension fork swallows up bumps with 2.4 in (60 mm) of travel. Hydraulic disc brakes lend confidence in stopping, and regenerative braking helps you get every last pedal-assist jolt out of the battery.

The Scrambler S wears a special look to go along with its upgraded spec sheet. The satin black covering the aluminum frame, battery pack and rims is offset quite effectively by the deep yellow of the mesh-protected, rally-style LED headlamp. The drivetrain components, brake discs and battery box accenting add extra contrast to finish the striking aesthetic.

The 86-lb (39-kg) Scrambler S starts at US$6,995. Options include the aforementioned race mode upgrade, a rack, saddle bags and an Abus lock.

We're still not ready to buy into the high prices of these types of stylized electric bike, but the video footage rarely disappoints. Here's the latest example:

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