Hollywood's V-MODA brings high fashion to quality audio with the release of the Crossfade LP headphones. Users are promised premium audio delivery thanks to an efficient new driver system, a comfortable long-haul experience thanks to memory foam cushioning and a good-looking set of adaptable cans to boot.

V-MODA has spent the last four years testing and tweaking the design and the technology for its new Crossfade LP headphones with the help of musicians, producers and DJs. The result of these labors features patent-pending 50mm Dual-Diaphragm High-Definition Drivers, consisting of a hardened inner ring for dealing with the highs and a softer outer ring for bass. They are said to deliver multiple driver sound with single driver efficiency.

Background noise is reduced thanks to air cushion memory foam ear pads, while a flexible memory headband should help ensure a comfortable tailored fit. The 280 gram cans come with a 69 inch Kevlar-reinforced cable with 24k gold-plated 45 degree plugs, and a 36 inch detachable cable with three-button remote control and microphone. V-MODA claims that listeners should be treated to "deep vibrant bass, organic mid-range, and crystal clarity on portable devices without the need for any batteries."

The company's CEO Val Kolton believes that headphones should be as unique as an individual's style and taste in music. "They are the most visible product that you wear and experience music with every day," he said. "We created Crossfade LP to provide an epic sound that recreates the sensations of the best club systems with a distinct design that makes these an essential fashion accessory for all music lovers."

The stylish Crossfade LP headphones offer a "distinct design composed of luxurious fabrics and lightweight metals." The impedance of 32 Ohms and frequency response of 5Hz - 30kHz will no doubt please music lovers.

They are available now in White Pearl, Phantom Chrome and Gunmetal Black from V-MODA and Apple (both retail stores and online) for US$249.99.

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