Fans of Knight Rider, the day you've been waiting for has arrived. Volvo and Microsoft have paired up to allow forward-thinking owners to remotely control their cars by talking to a "smart band" connected with the Swedish brand's On Call smartwatch app.

If you own a Microsoft Band 2, using the Volvo system is easy enough: all you do is tell the band what you want the car to do.

The system can turn the heater on, honk the horn, set the navigation and even start the car if you're not comfortable getting into a car that's not running. The driver is even able to get the lights to turn on, the motor to start and the doors to unlock by simply telling their smartband to "prepare the Volvo."

As you may have guessed, Microsoft Band 2 integration doesn't offer any functions that you couldn't access through Volvo's app, but who are we to criticise a car manufacturer from having a bit of fun with wearables?

The voice-control technology will be available in Spring 2016 (Northern Hemisphere). Until then, you're going to have to keep watching those Knight Rider re-runs for your talking-car thrills.

Source: Volvo

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