Wally might seem an odd name for a yacht building company, but there's nothing odd about the boats it creates. Based on the ACE, theWallyKokoNut is a serious luxury yacht, for serious buyers with a serious amount of cash at their disposal. With a luxurious sunbed, glass-walled dining room and space for 10 passengers, the KokoNut takes Wally's base model and makes it fit for a seafaring millionaire.

Long range cruising is at the core of the KokoNut's appeal, so it has been designed for stability in any weather. The hull is 10 - 15 percent wider than other yachts of the same length, and the designers say a longer waterline also helps to improve performance. There's even a special gyroscopic stabilizer fitted to keep the boat steady in rough seas without any external fins.

Up to 10 passengers are able to enjoy the smooth ride at once, serviced by four crew members. Down the rear of the boat there are four passenger cabins, separated from the two crew cabins by the engine room and garage. Each cabin is finished in walnut, and each has its own ensuite bathroom.

Moving above board reveals three separate decks, each with a different focus. The holidaying millionaire is treated to a 60 square meter (646 sq ft) sundeck with sun beds, sofas and a full bar. The glass-walled second level consists of two separate social areas: a dining and lounge room, as well as a room with a table and casual seating. Or you can drift downstairs and enjoy the 95 sq m (1,023 sq ft) guest and service area on the bottom level.

Considering the boat's high price tag, we'd be surprised if an owner wasn't able to pay for fuel, but the KokoNut's engines have still been designed to deliver maximum efficiency. Running at 10 knots they're ticking over at just 1,300 RPM for economy figures of 7 liters per nautical mile. Cruising range is an impressive 3,000 nautical miles (5,556 km/3,452 mi).

Priced from €4 Million (about US$4,430,000), this isn't a dinghy for those short of cash. If that sounds like you, unfortunately you're too late. The KokoNut has already been sold.

Source: Wally

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