If, like me, you've often wondered what would happen if you took a diamond drill to a glass vase and then fed in some audio - the answer we've been looking for takes the shape of the Glass Speakers from Whamodyne. A set of Logitech S120 computer speakers have been stripped apart, the components forced into a pair of glass vases, each of which have then been mounted at a slight tilt on a hand-made birch plywood base. They're not as powerful or as slick as the precious-looking GLA-55 touch-sensitive speakers from Harman Kardon, but they are about a tenth of the price.

Inspired by the creations of designer Joey Roth, the Glass Speaker system has been constructed by making a circular hole in the bottom of two 7.5-inch long, 3.5-inch diameter glass vases with a diamond saw to accommodate a speaker each. To allow it to lie flush against the bottom of the upturned vase, the speaker is first mounted on a clear plastic disc and then fixed into position.

The system's amplifier board and a 120V AC power transformer are placed ship-in-bottle style inside the right Glass Speaker housing, with a volume pot and on/off switch on the outside. An LED on the amp board lets you know when the unit in on. The total RMS output of the speakers is 2.3W, with a frequency response of 50Hz - 20kHz. Connection to a computer, MP3 player or mobile device is via a 3.5 mm stereo jack.

The Glass Speakers offer something a little less ordinary for your device audio needs, and can be ordered from Whamodyne's Etsy store at a cost of US$89.

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