Monaco-based Russian billionaire businessman and hobbyist architect Vasily Klyukin recently unveiled his plan to construct an upmarket hospital and spa that closely resembles a ship. Klyukin hopes that the White Sails Hospital and Spa will become "the world's first hospital that no one is afraid to visit."

Comprising four towers which look like sails, sat aboard a ship-like base, the White Sails Hospital and Spa's resemblance to a ship goes further than skin deep, as the medical staff would also be required to dress up as sailors. If all goes well, the hospital will be located within Tunisia's Economic City development, a large and ambitious project slated to redevelop Enfidha, in the country's northeast.

"I will fly into Space next year," says Klyukin, referring to his plan to take voyage aboard a Virgin Galactic flight. "My health condition has to be checked every six months. That is why I know this feeling very well – every time I'm approaching the white building of the clinic, I don't feel any joy. But I would like to show you the hospital, where there is no room for fear."

Klyukin asserts that the project is going ahead, and that at least one investor is involved. However, we've no word concerning its interior, or even a rough timeline for construction, for example – basic details one might hope to see even at this early stage. Therefore, we'd recommend taking the news with a dose of sea salt until more information emerges.

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