The eye strain and resulting damage that often afflicts those who forget to blink while on a gaming marathon or glued to the Internet is a widespread problem. To combat this, Japan’s Masunaga Optical Manufacturing has unveiled Wink Glasses, which feature blink-sensing lenses that start to fog if the wearer neglects to keep their peepers hydrated.

If the lightweight clip-on lens senses that the user has gone for more than five seconds without blinking it will begin to fog, hindering vision until the wearer starts to blink again.

Wink Glasses run for eight hours on a single charge. Should the user be locked in for a longer session (a practice which surely has its own set of health issues) the lenses can alternatively be connected to a USB power source.

The optical fatigue fighters are due for release in Japan this month and are set to retail for around ¥15,750 (USD$150).

Those curious for a closer look can head to the Masunaga website (translated).


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