An iPhone has various input features that a standard desktop keyboard doesn't, such as a reconfigurable touchscreen display. A full-sized keyboard, however, is much easier to type on than an iPhone. Perhaps it only makes sense, therefore, that Korea's Omnio Technologies decided to combine the strengths of the two devices, in the form of its WOW-Keys keyboard with built-in iPhone dock.

WOW-Keys is capable of serving two main purposes.

If you want to work more easily with your phone, without transferring files to and from a computer, you put the keyboard in iPhone mode. In this configuration, the keyboard serves the phone - you use its keys in place of the phone's tiny virtual keyboard, to input and manipulate text on the phone itself. Twelve dedicated hotkeys offer shortcuts for functions such as volume control, previous/next, and home.

With the flip of a button, however, you can switch WOW-Keys over to PC mode (although it also works with Macs). Now, the phone serves the keyboard. Its touchscreen display allows it to work as a multi-touch input device for the computer - among other things, it can function as a touchscreen track pad or numeric keypad.

Additionally, like other docking devices, the keyboard charges the phone's battery and allows for syncing with the computer. It also works with the iPod touch.

Although WOW-Keys was first unveiled in Korea late last year, it officially began shipping just yesterday (May 24). It costs approximately US$100 and is available through various online retailers, which are listed on the website of its distributor, CompuExpert.

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