We've all drummed our fingers when impatient or bored, but the arrival of a wrist-mounted finger "piano" from Japan could change all that in a snap. It looks more like an EKG for your hand than a musical instrument but comes with a full octave of range - one note for each finger and three on the wrist unit.

The Wrist Piano is reminiscent of the piano gloves we covered a few years back. It offers three volume levels and three different sound banks: piano, bells, and, just so you know it comes from those wacky wizards in Japan, cat. Yes, the meowing kind of cat. No word on whether that choice makes dogs nuts, but hey, it's worth a try.

The wrist unit with three additional notes

Thinkgeek has them now and for a mere US$39.99, you, too, can turn the world into your own personal Steinway. If nothing else, it's a handy way to make friends (or enemies). Keep it on low until you get proficient!

Source: Thinkgeek via Ubergizmo

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