Unsurprisingly, this year's Toy Fair in London saw its fair share of drones, all being touted as somehow unique. One that had a fairly solid case for that was the X-Voice from Flying Gadgets. As its name suggests, the X-Voice is controlled, in part, with voice commands.

First thing's first, it's important to point out that the X-Voice is much more a toy than a tool. It's not designed for filming, but instead for having fun flying. It's more in the kite category of drones than the camera category, if you will.

The X-Voice is a small and lightweight quadcopter drone with flexible framework that helps to cushion any impacts. It can be operated from a distance of about 150 m (500 ft). It has an internal rechargeable battery and can be flown for 8 minutes at a time. The device is charged via USB and a full charge takes around one hour.

Users operate the X-Voice using a handheld controller and a headset that is attached to the controller. It can be controlled by hand, as with any other drone, or via verbal commands that trigger certain actions.

Among the commands that can be used are the self-explanatory "take off," "autopilot," "come back," and "flip forward." If you tell the X-Voice to "dance," though, it will spin in the air ostentatiously. The commands can be delivered in 20 different languages.

The X-Voice is expected to be available from March 1 retailing at £49.99 (US$75). The video below shows the X-Voice in action at the Toy Fair in London earlier this week, responding to some of its commands.

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