Yuneec's Breeze drone is designed for serious selfie snappers who are more interested in photos than flying. The drone sends the shots straight to a user's smartphone ready for the social media treatment, but now the company has added a new livestream feature that gives your friends and followers a live drone's-eye view of what you're doing.

In its current form, Yuneec's flying camera can shoot 4K video and store it on a memory card, or stream live video in 720p to a nearby iOS or Android phone running the Breeze Cam app. Thanks to a new software update, the app can now broadcast that feed live to YouTube, Facebook, or other systems that are compatible with the Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) platform.

Video is recorded at a resolution of 720p from the camera on the drone, while audio is handled by the mobile device running the app. The system lets the star of the stream interact with their audience instantly, but any livestream would need to be kept to the point, given the Breeze's flight time is a sharp 12 minutes.

DJI's compact Mavic Pro boasts livestreaming capabilities too, but it also happens to be about twice the price, ringing up for US$999.

For Breeze owners, the new features were added in the latest software update for the Breeze Cam app, which is available to download now. Yuneec demonstrates how to set up livestreaming in the video below.

Source: Yuneec