Polish firm Biuro Toprojekt's aptly-named Kindergarten makes good use of an awkward plot. Bringing to mind Vo Trong Nghia's Farming Kindergarten, the building offers additional space for the kids to run around outside with a play area on its roof.

The impetus for Kindergarten's design comes from the roughly triangular plot of land that Biuro Toprojekt had to work with in the Kleszczówka district in the suburbs of Żory, Poland. The building fills almost the entire plot, meaning that there's not that much space left over on the ground for the children to play.

Structurally, the building consists of reinforced concrete walls clad in timber panels that are designed to show signs of aging as time passes (as opposed to retaining brand new looks throughout their lifetime). Its interior has a total floorspace of 1,060 sq m (11,409 sq ft), spread over a single floor and arranged around a large rectangular atrium that allows light inside. The atrium also provides access, via steel staircase, to the rooftop terrace.

This includes a play space with tracks to encourage kids to run around (fencing is installed to keep them safe), plus a green roof area.

Kindergarten is well insulated with mineral wool and kept at a comfortable temperature with energy-efficient heat exchanger and heating systems. The perimeter of the building also has new trees planted that will shade the play area once they grow tall enough.

The building was completed in late 2017 but landscaping work is still being carried out. It was also recently nominated, alongside 382 other projects, for the EU Mies van der Rohe Award 2019.

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