If you like the idea of Sony's QX lens system, but don't warm to the extra weight and bulk (not to mention the rather high price tag) it adds to your smartphone, Ztylus has something that may be of interest. The company has produced a stylish case to protect your iPhone, Note 3 or S4 from life's bumps and scrapes that's also home to a circular mount onto which a multiple lens system is attached. This gives mobile snappers four additional lens options to play with. The downside is that the case and lens system need to be purchased separately, but it's still a nifty way to expand the photographic capability of your smartphone.

Each case is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and polycarbonate, sports an integrated kickstand and comes ready to receive the Revolver interchangeable lens systems. The company currently supports the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Galaxy Note 3 and the iPhone 5/5S. There's currently one lens kit for the Galaxy models, and another for Apple's communicator.

The Ztylus cases for the S4 and Note 3 come in either black or white in a "leather style" finish, and are priced at $34.99 each. The S4 flavor includes an ergonomic, real-camera-like grip and a triped mounting screw. The Revolver RV-1 lens kit costs an additional $64.99 and mounts to the slightly raised circular disc that surrounds the built-in lens of the camera.

The 4-in-1 kit sports multi-coated optics and a hand-polished metal frame. Users can bring a circular polarizer lens over the top of smart device's own lens, for richer colors and reduced glare. They can opt for a fisheye lens or head straight for the 2-in-1 wide angle/macro lens, where the top part can be unscrewed to use the macro below and enjoy roughly 10x magnification. This looks like a great option for those occasions when the smartphone's camera just isn't able to focus on something close to the lens.

The Ztylus case for iPhone 5/5S that caught our eye at CE Week in New York is $39.99, has a rubberized finish and comes in black or white. The door to the bottom offers protection for the charging port and redirects the audio coming from the speakers upward. The circular cover that houses the two position aluminum kickstand can be removed to install the RV-2 Revolver lens kit, which is available for $69.99.

Once in place, the RV-2 offers the same four lens options as the Samsung unit, but each Z-Optics lens twists and clicks into position and pops out from within the housing before being pushed and locked in front of the iPhone's own lens.

The Ztylus for iPhone 5/5S is introduced in the video below.

Source: Ztylus

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