Avatar sets two Blu-ray records: most illegal downloads, most bought discs

It smashed Box Office records worldwide to become the highest grossing film in history, now James Cameron's Avatar is setting new benchmarks in the Blu-ray market. Around 1.5 million Blu-ray discs were snapped-up on the first day of release in the U.S. - more than previous record holder The Dark Knight - and that's just the 2D version, without special features. The Blu-ray release also triggered an avalanche of illegal downloads, with the sci-fi epic now well on its way to becoming the most pirated Blu-ray film ever.

Downloads on BitTorrent reportedly reached 200,000 in the first four days after the Blu-ray release. TorrentFreak points out that countries where the Blu-ray release was later than the U.S. (U.K. and Australia) made up a relatively high proportion of the illegal downloads.

In stores, combined DVD and Blu-ray sales where estimated at more the 4 million units.

A second 2D release with bonus features is expected in November and the full box of chocolates - for those with 3D Blu-ray players - will arrive early in 2011.

Given its incredible success to date, the film certainly won't do any damage to the uptake of 3D in the home.

Via: ABC News.

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