Chevy gives smartphones their own air conditioning vent

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Chevrolet's Active Cooling feature gives your phone its own air conditioning vent

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Hot cars and smartphones don't mix. It’s not uncommon for our phones to be warm to the touch during summer months, especially when charging them up or using them for intensive tasks like navigation. This can slow down your phone’s processor and suck the life out of your battery, or even do permanent damage.

To help combat the issue, Chevy is introducing an "industry first" Active Phone Cooling feature in some of its 2016 vehicles that sees an air vent right placed next to the charging bin. When you have the air conditioner on, the vent will direct air at your phone, bringing its temperature down and improving its performance, and possibly its life span as well.

The feature will initially be available in the 2016 Impala, Mailbu, Volt, and Cruze equipped with wireless charging.

View gallery - 3 images

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