May 19, 2009 Genius' Look 313 Media is a multifunctional take on the webcam that integrates a USB 2.0 hub and two rotational speakers to provide a new mini-digital entertainment option for travelers looking for that extra space in their suitcase.

Look 313 Media specifications


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In terms of a web camera, the Look 313 provides VGA (640X480) video via a CMOS Image Sensor at up to 30 frames per second, manual focus and still capture at a maximum of 1280 x 960. There is a headset slot but the unit lacks a built-in microphone. It also boasts an "Easy surveillance function" which automatically saves files and begins recording using a motion tracking software. Whether you ever retrieve the footage of your laptop being lifted from your hostel room is another matter. The rotational speakers are specced at 2 watts RMS and feature a 36mm Neodymium magnet micro driver and a built in digital amplifier, while the hub interface is USB 2.0 (backward compatible to USB1.1/1.0) with 2 downstream ports.

The Genius Look 313 Media costs USD$59.90.

David Greig