Type A males will rejoice that it's now possible to use an electric shaver whilst shaving thanks to the latest offering from Braun. Great for multi-tasking, cutting precious minutes off the daily grooming routine and brilliant for creating wow factor at the gym, the fully waterproof Flex XP can be used wet or dry.


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Whilst it's difficult to bring yourself to use an electric appliance in the shower at first (used in chordless mode - of course), it soon becomes second nature. The $199 XP soon found a permanent place in the gym bag for a quick touch up, particularly for engagements directly after business hours, where a pit-stop at home isn't always possible.

The workings of the XP include a high-speed motor, and a two-foil, triple shaving system with a pivotal head which makes it better in "difficult" shaving areas such as the cleft of the chin.

Whilst it will never replace a razor entirely for me, it offers a handy and practical way of to ensure the shrubbery is always in trim at important times and there's even a sliding long hair trimmer for sideburns and moustaches. One of the key features for convenience and practicality is its ability it can carry a 50 minute charge, meaning it can spend a week at a time in the gym bag and offer a dozen or more quick uses without needing charging. When it does need charging, there's a five-minute quick-charge feature - a full charge takes an hour.

Finally, for the international road warrior, it automatically adjusts to different voltages! Available in the shops next month, consider it a must for early adopters who aren't sure where they'll be shaving tomorrow morning!

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