For those among us who are very attached to their pet here's a great (and VERY expensive) way to check in on your cat/dog/budgie when you're not at home.

The Matsushita Electric Works Peppot Pet-Camera has a built-in motion sensor which detects when your pet is within shot and can take pictures automatically and send them to your mobile phone.


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It's just US$19 a year.


The pictures are only 100,000 pixels which is just as well, cause the wireless data costs will soon dwarf the Peppot's JPY 12,000 (AUD$150) price tag.

Now there's not much practical about the Peppot, but we're still pretty keen on a very similar device from iSeePet which enables you to see when your pet is feeding, talk to your pet, and even press a button to give them more food. Both Peppot and iSeePet are currently only available in Japan.

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