December 19, 2006 The folks at Potenco have a star-studded team and a bunch of ideas, but the one we warrant is a killer app is the company’s patent-pending portable power generator – like the wind-up powered devices of British inventor Trevor Baylis’ Freeplay Energy, human-powered electrical devices make infinite sense in that they offer an off-the-grid solution for digital nomads and empowerment for those who have never had electricity to begin with. In Potenco’s case, it’s not so much a wind-up power generator as a cord-pulling generator and the ingenious solution has already been slated for use as a power provider for the $100 Laptop (One Laptop per Child). Simply pull a cord for a few minutes and generate electrical energy for several hours – with the plethora of electrical devices we all regularly carry and sadly miss when the electrons run out for even brief periods, this is logically a massive market.

Potenco is developing a host of products that will change the way that power is delivered and utilized, both in developing and developed countries. Via Engadget Via Gizmodo via Treehugger


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