Juy 18, 2007 A Helmet mounted display is a versatile technology that allows computer images to be projected in front of the wearer’s eyes, and can be used to show a plethora of wicked awesome things, including distant focus, tactical information and thermal imaging. The usefulness of the product has ensured that it is constantly seeing new developments, innovations and applications. L-3 Communications’ Advanced Helmet Mounted Display has recently been incorporated into the U.S. Army Flight School XXI, a promising sign for the emerging twin fields of "augmented reality" and “making people more like the Terminator”.

L-3 Link’s Advanced Helmet Mounted Display provides pilots with a 360° field-of-regard of out-the-window imagery and systems symbology. It offers better visual resolution than its predecessor, as well as more enhanced image quality and greater transmissivity. Plus, it’s ergonomic, too.


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“Helmet mounted displays have proven their effectiveness in supporting the U.S. Army Aviation Warfighting Center’s conduct of large-scale, simulation-based aviation training exercises, which are conducted over geo-specific visual databases of areas in Iraq and Afghanistan to which units are preparing to deploy,” L-3 Link’s Vice President of Army Programs Mr. Genna stated. “The integration of L-3’s AHMDs into these exercises will further enhance the quality and training realism of these major training events.”